Attention & Learning Lab

Welcome to the Attention & Learning Lab at the University of Manitoba! The lab is located in the Department of Psychology and is directed by Dr. Nick Brosowsky

The central goal of our research program is to understand how people manage attentional demands in dynamic environments.

Everyday activities can vary wildly in terms of attentional control demands (e.g., studying in a library, playing hockey, driving on a busy four-lane highway) and almost inevitably, at some point we have to manage potential distractions—unwanted information vying for our attention. Managing these attentional demands requires a complex set of processes to monitor and compare ongoing actions with internal goals and flexibly update behavior to meet changing demands.

We use computational and behavioral methods to investigate the basic cognitive mechanisms that allow people to adaptively regulate attentional control and explain the role of attention regulation in applied contexts such as creativity, education, and skill learning.

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